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Vaginal yeast infections are fungal infections that can cause a variety of difficult, uncomfortable symptoms. If you have experienced one before, you know just how intense the discomfort can be. Its impacts can extend further than just your personal health. … Continue reading

Let’s face it – while a sensitive subject, there isn’t enough discussion around women’s health as it pertains to yeast infections. From teaching women how to address yeast infections naturally to educating them on indicators of when a yeast infection … Continue reading

We’ve often hit on the negative impact excessive sugar can have on gut health, but your pantry is likely home to another equally potentially damaging culprit: salt. That’s right – As Americans, our sodium intake is often through the roof … Continue reading

Gut health has been scientifically proven to connect to a number of other vital bodily functions: from mood, to the immune system, and more. Prioritizing gut maintenance and the delicate balance between good and bad bacteria can make all the … Continue reading

We don’t always think about the importance of staying hydrated. Drinking plenty of water each day has many benefits to overall health and body function, but what many don’t realize is how crucial good hydration is for gut health. In … Continue reading

Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It’s a medical term that gets thrown around a lot these days, and for good reason. This difficult disorder plagues between 25 and 45 million people in the United States alone.  But what is it, exactly? What … Continue reading

The incredible complexity of the gut and its importance to our overall health is the subject of increasing research in the medical community. Numerous studies over the last few decades have shown associations between gut health and the immune system, … Continue reading

It’s the million-dollar question. You’re looking for sustained gut health, but are unsure about the best route to get you there. Do you ease into probiotics? Should you go all-out from the beginning? Well, it really depends on your current … Continue reading

For centuries, people didn’t realize that there was an intrinsic link between their gut health and their mental health. As two totally different bodily systems, it was hard to connect the dots. These days, however, countless studies have reaffirmed that … Continue reading

Food sensitivities are never fun. You’re constantly on the lookout for certain ingredients that may be hidden in the dishes you’re served. Whether it’s dairy-related, gluten, or any number of other categories; there may be hope to help alleviate symptoms … Continue reading

We recognize that during the holidays, it’s extra important to make sure your body is getting the support it needs to function at its best. Maintaining good gut health is an ongoing process, after all. That’s why for the month … Continue reading

As holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas roll around, it’s more important than ever for us to look inward. Not just from a “friends and family” perspective but also in its more literal meaning.  The holidays can do a number on … Continue reading

Excellent gut health means so much more to your body than just proper digestion. Over  the years, more research has suggested that great gut health is linked to positive effects throughout the rest of your body.  In many ways, a … Continue reading

We all know that probiotics can play a pivotal role in supporting the human body’s microbiome. They provide the backup to the good bacteria in your gut need to continue the fight for your digestive health.  But what you may … Continue reading

Are you looking to improve gut health? Here at Global Health Trax, our passion extends to each of the products we’ve specially formulated for our customers and is the single driving force behind why we do what we do.  After … Continue reading

Your intestines are linked to so much more than your digestive system – from the nervous system to mental health and the immune system, what happens in your gut has a profound impact on what happens in the rest of … Continue reading

Whether it’s a life-threatening condition or a simple sinus infection, antibiotics are an integral part of fighting off infection in the human body. They’ve been a game-changer when it comes to the way we approach medical treatments.  With that said, … Continue reading

In the fast-paced,  stress-filled world we live in, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day ups and downs we experience. Our health is usually one of the first things to go by the wayside.  Whether it’s a busy … Continue reading

Immune health, especially in a pandemic year, has become a priority for many Americans. People are getting sick more than any other period during our lifetimes. And while awareness is rising across the board, there isn’t a population more vulnerable … Continue reading

You read the title correctly. The latest craze in gut health has been sweeping the internet over the last week and it’s called the Blue Poop Challenge.  The premise is simple – bake yourself a few simple muffins, and incorporate … Continue reading