FiveLac and the benefits of probiotics

FiveLac and the benefits of probiotics

Did you know that you have hundreds of different types of bacteria, or microbes, in your body? Often, bacteria is thought of as a negative element because there are some varieties that are harmful to human beings and can cause infections. But, the truth is that there are many helpful varieties of bacteria, and they are necessary in order to maintain a healthy, functioning digestive system. People experience problems, however, when the ratio of good to bad bacteria gets out of balance.

When this happens, your digestive health can suffer, and you may begin to experience a number of problems. Focusing on eating a healthy diet may not be enough to resolve the issue. While there are some foods that contain a single variety of the beneficial kind of bacteria, such as the Lactobacillus in yogurt and fermented foods, it would be difficult to replace all of the beneficial microflora through nutrition alone. Adding a probiotic, like FiveLac, which contains a powerful blend of all five microflora known to be the most beneficial, can help restore intestinal balance more completely.

Digestive imbalance symptoms

In the past two decades or so, doctors have begun to understand a lot about the role that maintaining the correct ratio of bacteria plays in their patient’s overall health. Some symptoms of being out of balance include those specific to digestion, such as acid reflux, gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation. However, because the immune system resides in the gut, doctors now believe that many, many more problems can arise from a lack of microflora balance in the digestive tract.

For example, an imbalance may causes issues with the skin in the form of itching, acne or dry skin. Even systemic problems such as lethargy, depression, being extra susceptible to colds and allergies, urinary and vaginal health, and many more may result from an upset to the balance of your intestinal flora. Though more needs to be learned about the extent of problems caused by a bacterial imbalance in the digestive tract, experts now believe that it is a critical part of staying healthy.

Spell it any way you want – it helps

We chose the name FiveLac for our probiotic because it contains the five most beneficial microflora (5 lacs), but we could have chosen to spell it fivelack, because it contains the five bacteria (5 lack) you may be missing. Regardless of how you spell it, we’re excited to offer such a high quality and effective product.

As the medical community began to understand more and more about how very critical bacteria balance is to health and wellness, we put countless hours into research in order to create the highest quality, most effective probiotic available. Click on the FiveLac button to read more about the benefits of good digestive health.