Supplements for people with acid reflux

Chronic acid reflux can have a negative effect on the everyday quality of your life. You’ve read all the suggestions: avoid spicy foods, don’t eat too close to bedtime, and try to reduce your stress level. But, what if you’ve tried everything and you’re still experiencing burning after meals and other unpleasant effects of acid reflux?

It may be time to consider adding daily supplements for acid reflux into your routine. This doesn’t have to mean resorting to a chemical-based prescription medication. It’s possible to address the source of acid reflux through more natural methods. For example, Global Health Trax has introduced a product called Active Digestive Enzymes, containing 17 different ingredients, and each one works as an aid to digesting all the foods associated with acid indigestion and acid reflux.

Gallbladder health

picture of bottle for active digestive enzymes

In addition, you may want to consider adding a daily dose of Colostrum Plus to your diet. While the Active Enzymes are working to prevent acid reflux, this supplement also targets tissue and muscle repair for better general health. Colostrum Plus also includes vitamin C which helps maintain gallbladder health.

Anyone who has suffered from gallstones knows that it is something to avoid if at all possible. Studies have shown that maintaining highly therapeutic levels of vitamin C can help produce a “gallbladder cleanse” effect which aids in the prevention of developing gallstones in the first place.

Finally, Colostrum Plus contains zinc, which is associated with everything from a strong immune system to appropriate hormone releases and nerve impulse transmission. The ingredients in this supplement work in combination to support strong overall health.

Your solution -- in capsule form

Click on the product list to read more about the specific ingredients in and benefits of these supplements. Whether you’re interested in gallbladder benefits, trying to find effective acid reflux supplements, or just wanting to experience optimal health, Global Health Trax has vitamins and supplements that come in bottles of capsules that are as easy to swallow as they are beneficial to your health.