Natural remedies for acne

Chronic acne can happen at any age, particularly in women. It’s an issue that often resurfaces in middle age when the body undergoes many changes. For teenagers and adults alike, it can be a frustrating problem that affects your self image. Seeing a dermatologist might result in a prescription for antibiotics, strong topical solutions, or even Accutane, all of which have shown success in a certain portion of the population. If you feel like you've tried everything without satisfaction, however, you’re not alone.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and as such, is interdependent with your other organs. Therefore, trying to fight acne with medication that only affects the skin might not be enough to eradicate the problem. For example, studies have shown there’s a strong correlation between the health of the gut and skin.

Short term solutions won’t give you lasting effects

The human digestive tract is populated with good and bad bacteria, or microbes. Optimum health depends on a specific balance between the helpful and harmful types of microbes which can be disrupted by a number of factors, including medication, diet, and disease. An imbalance can result in a number of symptoms, including acne. This is why a course of antibiotics or application of topical cream might fix acne fast, but result in a recurrence as soon as treatment is halted.

The goal, to get rid of acne forever, can only be achieved when you address any additional underlying conditions, such as an unhealthy gut. One of the more promising natural acne remedies involves introducing beneficial bacteria to the gut through the use of probiotics.

A new approach for your skin

Treating skin alone will not provide long term effects if there are other health problems. Because of many factors like a change in how we eat, more and more people are suffering from symptoms associated with an imbalance of the microbes found in the digestive tract. Natural acne solutions address this problem by healing the gut as a way to healing the skin.

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