Breaking up a yeast infection naturally

Candida albicans is a type of yeast that exists normally in the human gut. As long as there is a proper balance of bacteria within the digestive system, this yeast will not cause any problems. However, if the yeast begins to grow out of control, then thrush, vaginal, and systemic yeast infections can occur. Some of the potential triggers to such an event are eating a diet that is too high in sugar and processed food, taking antibiotics, or having a weakened immune system. When this happens, there are natural yeast infection remedies that can help.

You may have heard home remedies such as taking probiotics and drinking cranberry juice. These products are good for gut health and can help protect against an overgrowth of yeast, but they generally aren’t effective in breaking up a yeast infection once it becomes serious. This is because when your immune system is lowered, your body can’t break down the hard chitin in the cell walls of the yeast. Your body normally produces enzymes that can break through the yeast cells, but a weakened immune system results in a decrease in the production of these important enzymes.

Candizolv from Global Health Trax contains both chitinase and chitosanase, the two enzymes that are effective in destroying yeast cells, thus breaking up a yeast infection.

The last yeast infection ever

If you are suffering from an overgrowth of yeast, you may notice that you’re contracting regular infections and that they’re hard to treat. Even oral antifungal medications prescribed by the doctor may not be getting rid of the chronic infection. Adding Candizolv to your daily regimen will provide your body with the ability to fight yeast overgrowth.

Additionally, taking this supplement on a regular basis may result in getting less yeast infections in the first place.

Regular maintenance

Whether you’re suffering now and want breaking up yeast infections, or are interested in prevention, look into ordering a bottle of Candizolv today. Why suffer any longer?

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