Celebrities health tricks that actually work

Celebrities, like famous actors or singers, are fortunate in that they achieve wealth and fame, but the trade-off is that every detail of their lives is open to public scrutiny. People are curious about things like the state of their romantic relationships and what kind of projects they’re going to embark on next. One of the most common questions public personalities get asked is what they do to keep the extra pounds off while staying healthy.

Physical health, and by extension appearance, is something that matters to the majority of us, and we don’t even have jobs that require appearing on a giant movie screen or stage. With all eyes on them, there is a lot of pressure on public personas to keep themselves in good shape. Although occasionally, celebrities can be sucked in by gimmicks or “get thin quick” schemes, we’ve compiled a list of the more practical suggestions and tips on how to stay looking good at any age.

All about the food

Exercise is vital to health and helps with muscle tone, cardiovascular health and improving your resting metabolism, but the reality is that eating healthy has a much bigger impact on your weight. Loading up your plate during meals with produce is one of the best ways to get important nutrients and feel full without consuming too many calories. To get a good variety, Christina Aguilera recommends that you “eat the rainbow”, which refers to incorporating fruits and veggies of all colors in your daily routine.

Another of the celebrities health tricks that actually work is Jessica Biel’s technique of eating small meals every three hours rather than three large meals a day. Spreading out the food you consume helps to keep portion size down and prevents you from getting so hungry your best intentions fly out the window. Katy Perry suggests that you keep it simple by eating meals that include whole foods from all five food groups, and resist the urge to add extra sauce, cheese or other high calorie toppings.

And recovery

When you’re stepping up your exercise routine, don’t forget to build in some rest days that allow for recovery. And if you feel there are some potential gaps in your nutrient intake, consider adding healthy supplements to your diet. Particularly if you’re undertaking a strict dietary routine, such as vegetarianism or veganism, you need to be aware of any nutrient deficits that come with the territory.

Make sure that when you’re following those guidelines, however, that you also read the label on your supplements. You don’t want to make the effort to cut animal products out of your diet, only to discover the vitamin you’re taking was made from an animal byproduct. This is why there’s an increase in the number of celebrities that take vegan vitamins, because more and more are converting to this way of eating.

Read more on the global health trax site about our fans among the stars, but even if you’re not in show biz, it still feels great to achieve your optimal weight. Eating a diet high in vegetables and fruit, getting plenty of exercise and using some of the tips given out by celebrities are all ways you can reach this goal.