Increase your body’s oxygen levels naturally

Oxygen is the third most commonly found element in the universe and is the most abundant element in the human body. In fact, it is vital to our very survival. When breathed into the lungs, oxygen is transported through the bloodstream to every area of the body where it serves several key functions. For example, our cells use oxygen to break down the food we eat into available energy, and it plays a major role in immune function. There are certain environmental conditions, however, that can contribute to lower levels of oxygenation in our bodies.

Oxygen depletion doesn’t have to be a catastrophic event such as choking, but rather can occur slowly over time. It is theorized that some of the causes of oxygen depletion may be air pollution, poor indoor air quality, and the chemicals in prepared foods. Long term oxygen depletion has been linked to serious health conditions, including cancer. Taking an oxygen supplement like Oxygen Elements Max is one of the ways to improve your body’s oxygen levels naturally.

Take a deep breath

Decreased oxygenation can have a negative effect on strength and endurance during sporting activities. Doing regular cardiovascular activity is important because it increases blood flow and speeds up the rate that oxygen is transported through the body. Other ways to increase your body’s oxygen levels naturally include adding a supplement. An oxygen supplement may help your overall oxygenation level which improves both athletic performance and general health.

Oxygen Elements Max was designed to distribute oxygen to the cells which, in turn, leads to increased blood flow and the detoxification of free radicals. It also helps with recovery after activity by working to flush the lactic acid that builds up during workouts.

Now breathe out

The more medical professionals learn about the effect environment has on the human body, the more important it is to stay abreast of the latest research. There are ways to combat the changing conditions of our air, food, and water supply. People are not only living longer, but are determined to live better as well which is why so many are looking into supplements for oxygenation.

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