Can probiotics help with acne?

For many years, dermatologists have studied different ways to help their patients clear up acne, a stubborn and unsightly condition that affects the skin on the face and often on the upper chest and back. Acne starts when the immune system recognizes foreign microorganisms or bacteria living on the skin. The resulting reaction causes redness and bumps. Current methods to fight this condition include medicines such as oral or topical antibiotics that aim to kill the “unfriendly” bacteria. Recent studies have turned up a promising connection between probiotics and acne.

All of our bodies are host to hundreds of thousands of bacteria and fungi that live mainly in our guts. This colony of microorganisms contains friendly and unfriendly microbes, and the balance of the two is critical to good health. When unfriendly bacteria or fungus begin to grow out of control, however, research has shown that any number of adverse reactions, including acne, can occur in the body.

Go with your gut

So how does poor digestive health affect skin health? An overgrowth of bacteria in the gut can lead to what’s called “leaky gut”. This term refers to the case where the lining of the digestive tract becomes weak, forms leaks, and allows some of that bad bacteria back into the bloodstream. This bacteria then can wreak havoc on other areas of the body by activating the immune system and causing inflammation.

Probiotics introduce good bacteria into the gut which helps to fight the overgrowth of unwanted microbes and heal the wall of the gut. Dermatologists who have studied the benefits of taking probiotics for acne sufferers are finding that it is a safe way to combat an age-old problem.

A safe solution

Some of the treatments available for acne nowadays are very powerful and have potential negative side effects. Patients should educate themselves by researching any medication their dermatologist prescribes. And, take into consideration that a simple probiotic may very well provide some of the same acne benefits as the pharmaceuticals.

The bottom line is that improving your gut health is always a positive move, and taking probiotics like 3 Lac can have benefits that go beyond healthy digestion.