Reasons to take ThreeLac 

Probiotics play a valuable role in sustaining overall health and preventing intestinal imbalances. Adding a probiotic to your diet can fight off unwelcome gut bacteria and leave you with more energy and feeling better than before.

ThreeLac is a potent probiotic that has promoted intestinal health for over a decade. It contains three types of lactic acid bacteria that purge Candida, a type of fungus that can lead to yeast infections. It is used primarily to manage gut bacteria and intestinal infections.

Eliminating Candida can be difficult, but one of the best ways to attack Candida is through the use of probiotics.  Candida yeast is present in various sites on and in your body, including your GI tract, skin, mouth, vagina and rectum and normally exists in healthy levels in these areas.

However, when something causes an overgrowth, it can lead to any number of uncomfortable symptoms including gastrointestinal problems, inflammation, itching, weakened immunity, and genital rash. [2]

Candida albicans is the most common cause of yeast infections. Overgrowths can occur due to:

  • Recurrent antibiotic use
  • Steroid use
  • GI infections
  • Weakened immune system
  • Oral contraceptive pill
  • Hormonal disruptions
  • Poor diet [3]

Start Here

Supplementing your diet with probiotics can help to fight off a Candida infection and may also help to prevent it from recurring. Probiotics help to re-establish the balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria in your gut. But, it’s also important to change your diet to one that discourages the growth of Candida.

Because Candida thrives in a “sugary” environment, switch to a diet that is low in carbohydrates and that’s free from yeast products and sugars.  Add plenty of vegetables and lean proteins to your diet, and substitute gluten-free grains such as quinoa. Once your infection is under control, you can slowly begin to re-introduce foods back into your daily regimen.

Take control of Candida

Probiotics should be an important part of a healthy diet. They offer a safe, more natural approach to preventing imbalances from happening among your intestinal flora and may also help to act as a barrier against infections caused by microbes.

ThreeLac, offered by Global Health Trax, was designed to support healthy intestinal flora and help maintain an efficient digestive system. Take the yeast overgrowth home test and, if you are concerned about gut health and want to eliminate Candida and other fungal bacteria from your digestive system, consider incorporating a probiotic supplement into your diet. For more than 10 years, ThreeLac has been offering a healthy probiotic choice.