Reviews and comments about Vibrant products.

Magical stuff: within 15 minutes the pain subsided. I was absolutely amazed!

— Debra

About three years ago I went back to my lung specialist and he said, ‘I don’t know what you are doing, but whatever it is, keep it up, because it is working!’

— Rosa S.

I cannot believe how my body responded. In just a matter of weeks I really noticed the difference. I was my old self again.

— Patricia

How do I keep energized? Simply bring two 20oz bottles of water to work, and spike it with my ‘jet fuel’.

— Johan C.

. . . highly recommend it for everyone who has any internal/digestion related issues because the benefits just cannot be overstated.

— Antoinette N.

…been really impressed with Threelac and Candizolv. Tremendous improvement in my health over the past few weeks. So pleased to have found your product.

— Andrew H.

The products are somewhat pricey for those of us on limited income, but I will say that the results are worth the sacrifice.

— S.L.

Among all the other health benefits I felt younger, more energy, sinuses clear, and IBS relief. I’ve just started my Mother and Aunt on the program. I’ll be ordering again soon, thanks again so much!

— A.P.

I have used your ThreeLac product and, I like it very much. The customer service dept. is excellent. This time I tried the ThreeLac Caps and I do like them, even though they are not lemon flavored. Thanks!!!

— B.B.

ThreeLac has been a lifesaver for me!

— M.K.

The turn-around time for the shipping on my order was excellent.

— M.B.

Love the company and love the products.

— S.H.

Yours is the only probiotic that works and is convenient. I love this product and my life changed when I found it!

— L.Z.

I decided to try the FiveLac product. I’ve been using it about one week now and I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my body. No more itching, no more IBS, no more bloating, no more cravings (that’s my favorite change). HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product.

— S.E.

I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my body. No more itching, no more IBS, no more bloating, no more cravings. I highly recommend this product!*

— Sandi E.

I am training for a half marathon. There has been a tremendous difference with what’s going on with my body. It’s been fabulous using these products!*

— Debra